In partnership with AFC Bournemouth, we host a male-only online community group which invites people with a similar diagnosis or situation coming together to share knowledge, discussion and the odd bit of humour to lighten the sessions where appropriate. The group has members who are affected by cancer in many ways, so however cancer has impacted your life, whether directly or with a loved one you’re very welcome to come and join us.

What we offer

Maybe you have experiences you can share or feel you could benefit from knowing you aren’t the only one with certain side effects, or are struggling to know how’s best to support a loved one through their experience. However you’re affected by cancer, this is a place where you can get information that’s practical, constructive, and valuable. Disclaimer: There may be some football conversation!

Where and when

How to book

Before accessing any of our cancer support services, you will have a one-off online Wellbeing Appointment with one of our Wellbeing Co-ordinators. This is to ensure your personalised package of support meets your individual needs. Click on the button below to book your one-to-one online Wellbeing Appointment and start your journey with Wessex Cancer Support.

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If you are an existing online client, login to our booking website here.