Living with cancer? Enjoy singing?

Our Sing For Life singing groups are therapeutic groups for cancer patients and their families/carers to come and sing each week with no pressure to perform, just to have fun, provide relaxation, support and meet like-minded people.

“One of the best things about our groups is that there is no pressure to perform or even turn up every week. The Sing For Life Groups are intended for people living with or affected by cancer because Wessex Cancer Trust believes both music and a sense of belonging can be immensely healing.”
Sue Edmonds, Musical Director of Cosham Sing for Life Group

Benefits of singing

Whether you currently just sing in the car, the shower or hum along to your favourite tune, it is actually healing your body, mind and soul. Scientific studies have now proven that music can actually contribute to the healing process.

Singing, in particular, has a way of helping you to heal, as you take in more oxygen, which increases lung capacity, tones abdominal muscles and can improve circulation. This means that even a song sung out of tune can have many benefits.

Our groups can help you reconnect with yourself, your community and others going through a similar situation.

“During my radiotherapy, I found that a happy song got me through my treatment. When you are scared it was really lovely to find new friends that could give you tremendous encouragement and support.”

Coralie, Cosham Sing for Life Choir

We currently have three singing groups for you to join.