Cancer Support For All

For more than 40 years, Wessex Cancer Trust has been here to support people affected by cancer, but there are many more who need our help. Our new three-year strategy, Cancer Support For All, sets out our vision to ensure that more people living with cancer and their families have access to the emotional health and wellbeing support they need.

Our Goal

Our ambition over the next 10 years is:


Our Aims

Over the next three years we aim to:

  • Double the number of people accessing our more personalised support.
  • Double the number of people accessing our more ‘light touch’ support.

Our Four Strategic Priorities

These are the areas where
we will develop our work to ensure that we can achieve our aims.

More people will be able to access our services
We want to ensure that everyone affected by cancer can access our services and the emotional support they need. To deliver this we’ll develop an outreach programme to bring cancer support services into your community, so that you can access help closer to home.

Ensuring that you receive high quality personalised support
Living with cancer can be incredibly challenging. It can be painful and lead to isolation and depression. Over the next three years, we will develop the tailored support we offer our clients, ensuring that it‘s adapted to individual needs and will support them emotionally.

We’ll seek out meaningful strategic partnerships
We recognise that we can’t offer all the support that someone living with cancer needs. So we will work with you to identify any services that might help and seek out new partnerships with other charities, the NHS, local authorities and community groups to fill that gap.

Our charity will be financially stable, operate efficiently and attract and retain quality staff and volunteers
Wessex Cancer Trust’s staff and volunteers are at the heart of supporting people living with cancer and their families. Over the next three years we’ll invest in building a sustainable charity which can meet the growing needs of people living with cancer across Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight.

If you’d like to know more about our new strategy, please email Neill Young, Head of Marketing and Communications, in the first instance at