Here you can find all the information you will need to book an Online Wellbeing Appointment.

Everyone who thinks they would benefit from some support now has an opportunity to talk to Phil, our Wellbeing Coordinator, about specific concerns and needs. Together, you can create a personalised support plan, enabling you to access a combination of services that suits you best – from chatting with a befriender to joining a support group. Therefore, if any of our online services are of interest to you, in order to access the support online, please book in your initial wellbeing chat with Phil here (insert link)

With us, you can access a package of support completely free of charge. You’ll have the opportunity to follow up six months later about how you’re feeling. Support will still be available to you after this time, should you feel you need it.*

Phil says it’s a privilege to see the difference the support makes to the lives of local people living with cancer:

“Because we’ve developed a tailored support plan together, you’ll have a good idea of how you’d like to feel at the end of it. For example, cancer may have changed how you look, and this can be hard to accept. I’ve had many people tell me our support has empowered them to love themselves again and get their confidence back, which is wonderful.”

*We encourage donations towards the costs of providing services but not until after your follow up appointment has been offered.