“It’s so much more than a choir and I love it”

Liz, who lives in Laverstock on the outskirts of Salisbury, joined our Salisbury Sing for Life Choir in  autumn 2021.

She shares what it means to her:

“My friend and I were in a different choir, but had been feeling a bit fed up with it. It was quite formal and we started to think that it wasn’t really for us.

“My daughter goes to Parkwood Health and Fitness, where the Sing for Life Choir meet, and she mentioned it to me. I’d also seen an advert for it, so I called Jean – who runs the sessions, for a chat. She was so friendly and invited me to come along and give it a go.

“I immediately loved it. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It feels informal, with no pressure to perform. All of the songs are well known and that helps you to relax and have the confidence to sing them.”

A special place to be

“I had breast cancer five years ago and have many friends and family who have personally been affected by cancer. I lost a friend who was only 49. I think because I feel connected to the cause, it makes Sing for Life a special place to be.

“Having cancer can be very isolating and I know from experience that there can sometimes be a ‘stiff upper lip’ when it comes to talking about it. Sing for Life can be whatever you want it to be.  I love the singing, but it also gives us an opportunity to share our experiences without the pressure of being in a room where the sole purpose is to discuss what we might be going through. It’s like we know we share a common bond, and we give each other informal emotional support, while we’re having lots of fun! It gives me a lift and makes me feel good – and physically singing is very good for the lungs!

“Another friend has since joined the choir with me and we both agree that it’s helped to create a great support network. As well as singing, we get the opportunity to have a coffee and a chat. It’s so much more than a choir and I love it.”

Fancy giving Sing for Life a go? Our choirs are informal and fun with no pressure to perform and you’ll be warmly welcomed.

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