We’re honoured and humbled to have been left a generous gift, specially for our Waterside Support Centre at St John’s Street, Hythe, in a will from a local man.   

Glyn Patrick Maher from Lymington, who passed away in 2020, left a legacy after joining a friendship group run by one of our volunteer befrienders, Kirit AdaljaThe money will be used to support clients at our Waterside Support Centre.  

Kirit says it has always been important to him to support the local community: 

Kirit Adalja

Kirit Adalja

“I could see the need for a friendship group; particularly for those who had been bereaved. Glyn joined the group when his wife died and we quickly became friends, as he shared the passion for the work of Wessex Cancer Support’s Waterside cancer Support Centre. As a result, he left a lasting legacy, ensuring the Centre can continue to develop its services for others who need them.”   

Rachel Billsberry-Grass, Wessex Cancer Support’s CEO, received the gift on behalf of the charity and said it was a testament to the impact Kirit and the Waterside Support Centre has in the local community: 

“There is a wonderful story behind this incredibly generous gift which highlights the selfless devotion shown by our volunteer, Kirit, and the impact he had on Glyn‘s life.  It’s because of this that Glyn felt compelled to leave a lasting legacy.  We feel incredibly humbled and grateful to Glyn for his generosity. I also want to say a particular thank you to Kirit for everything he’s done – and continues to do, to make others feel welcomed and supported.”

June Richens founded the Centre in 2010 after her husband died of a brain tumour. Determined that anyone living with cancer should have a free and local place to go to be listened to and supported, she rallied the local community to create a haven that the Waterside area quickly took to its heart.     

Details of our evolving face-to-face and remote services are available here 

For many people, leaving a gift to a charity in their will is a natural extension of the support they have shown during their lifetime.

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