Thank you so much to Elaine one of our supporter's who has written this wonderful poem about why she thinks that people should sign up to support our Zero to Hero campaign. 

It’s so sad to imagine our young ones

Fight a serious and horrid disease

But so many of our children and young adults

Get cancer, so we need your help please

Childhood cancer awareness months coming 

From September the first till the end

And we need to raise pots full of money 

To help those young people on the mend

It may be their relative’s got cancer

Their brother, their mum or their dad

Our counselling’s there just to help them

Turn their faces to happy from sad.

Zero to hero’s an amazing idea

Where you start with a small rubber duck

Then you up trade with all of your contacts

And grow your prize  - with lots of luck

You could trade your duck in for some perfume

Then trade your scent for a washed car

Then trade that for cinema tickets

Then up trade for a day at a spa.

Once you have finished your trades

And your duck has then tripled in size

Send Wessex Cancer Trust all of the money

When you raffle or auction your prize.

Children affected by cancer will benefit

From counselling and therapy of play

So sign up for our Zero to Hero

And turn your duck into pounds straight away!



We need your help to find and give a new home to ten rubber ducks which have flown the nest and are hiding in locations throughout Wessex!

The ducks, called Captain Quack Sparrow, James Pond, Sirius Quack, Bill Weasley, Quack Efron, David Beakham, Hetty Feather, Serena Billiams, Little Bo Beak and Mary Bobbins, are hiding in duck-related named roads in Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, Hythe, Dibden, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Marchwood, and Sandown on the Isle of Wight.

Each duck has a tag around its neck telling its new owner what to do next. We would love you to post a picture of yourselves clutching your duck on social media channels tagging @wessexcancer and using the hashtags #ducktales and #zerotohero.  Then we will get in touch with a voucher for a free meal for two at their local Nando’s.

The duck hunt is part of Wessex Cancer Trust’s ‘Zero to Hero’ campaign which runs throughout the whole of September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. At the start of the month, participants will be given a rubber duck and will have 30 days to carry out a series of trades and obtain an item of higher value each time.   They will then sell, raffle or auction their final item to raise as much money as possible for Wessex Cancer Trust’s children’s support services.  It’s aimed at anyone who wants to put their entrepreneurial and competitive skills to the test, from corporate teams to school children.         

You can sign up for a free Zero to Hero pack at


Our guests enjoyed our launch party on top of the innovative pod at Solent University at the beginning of July, hosted by Tom Bunday, apprentice star. Tom talked of his experiences on the BBC show and gave great advice to our potential Heroes!
It was great to hear about how some of our guests are planning to be involved.
Thank you to Solent University, Parkview Retail, Tom Bunday and the Zero to Hero committee for their support on the evening.

We are excited to be holding our launch event in the iconic Pod Structure at Solent University on Tuesday 9th July, hosted by Tom Bunday - BBC Apprentice star! 
If you would like to attend please contact [email protected]uk