Our closed, Facebook support group is an online community where you can ask questions, be encouraged by other people’s experiences and have opportunities to join in with discussions or share a picture or quote that you have found uplifting or inspiring. This is somewhere you can feel comfortable to belong and get involved, or just simply to know you’re not alone.

What we offer

If you’re looking for a community of people who just get it, our Facebook group is for you, regardless of how cancer is affecting you. You may be living with cancer, recovering from cancer, supporting someone with cancer. Or maybe you thought you had moved past these challenges but find yourself needing something in addition to support from family and friends where you don’t need to worry about burdening anyone.

You can connect with others in our Wessex community going through a similar experience, share advice and information and talk about how you are feeling. For many people affected by cancer being around other people who have had similar experiences can be motivational and supportive. Posts in the group are visible to group members only and the group is monitored by the Services team at
Wessex Cancer Support.

How to join

Follow the link to answer two brief membership questions and agree to our group rules. Once you have followed these steps, our moderators can accept you into the group. Please note that while we cannot provide medical or legal advice, we can provide a space for you to connect and may be able to signpost to other appropriate resources.

We also encourage you to follow our main Wessex Cancer Support page here for regular news and updates.

The online group lets me access support, friendship and help when the centres are closed or I cannot get to the centres for some reason. It also makes me feel less alone as I can interact with other clients as well as the befrienders from the centres. Some of the posts make me think about things in a new way or help me deal with things that I hadn’t previously thought about. Thank you

Facebook group member