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It is rumoured that the name “Waterlooville,” originated from a public house that stood at the centre of the village, formerly known as Wait Lane End, where the stage-coach horses waited to change places with the team that pulled the coach up and over Portsdown Hill.

The Pub was called the “Heroes of Waterloo” because, on its opening day, in 1815, soldiers who had just disembarked at Portsmouth, returning from the Battle of Waterloo, decided to stop there and celebrate their victory.    According to local legend, many of them settled there. The pub was thereafter renamed in their honour and the area around the pub became known as “Waterlooville”.

Our Waterlooville store is situated close to the Waitrose in Dukes Walk. The shop sells clothing, bric a brac, accessories and interesting household items and is situated in a covered walkway in the main thoroughfare to between Waitrose and the surrounding stores.  Our friendly team are happy to help and can accept donations at the back of the store where there is a drop-off point and parking.


Where to park
The store has considerable parking directly opposite in the public car park and supermarket car park surrounding the shop. 

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