Fresh air and fitness
Fresh air is an amazing thing. What could be better than getting outdoors on a crisp and sunny Spring day? Walking is not only a way to get some fresh air, it also improves your fitness, wellbeing and brings many other health benefits. The NHS advises that walking a brisk 10 minutes every day can help you build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier. Hoorah!

Having a goal like Walk for Hope helps you stay motivated. It gives you a reason to stretch those legs and go for it!

Raising awareness 
By taking part in Walk for Hope and letting your friends and family know about it you will be sharing information about Wessex Cancer Trust and what we do to support local people living with cancer. This is amazing as we want to reach out to everyone living with cancer to let them know that there is a local place to go to get the support they need, when they need it.

Raising funds
Everyone who signs up to walk is given a fundraising goal of £200. We will support you every step of the way with tips and advice on how to smash this goal! Money raised from the event will help us to provide emotional and practical support to local people affected by cancer. So we need you to show off your baking skills, organise quiz nights or spend a day in silence and reach your goal.


Spending time with your community, friends and family 
Raising money for a great cause is the perfect excuse to connect with your local community and of course your friends and family. Whether it be washing cars, having a fundraising party or giving up your favourite thing for a month, your activities can get you chatting and bring you closer to all those around you. We say ‘hello’ to that!

Great conversation starter at parties 
Ever stuck for something to say? You’d be doing an amazing thing taking part in Walk for Hope so why not shout about it! Tell everyone you meet about the challenge you’re taking on and of course the reason why. Talk to them about the support for those living with cancer that your expertly raised funds will help to provide.

Make new friends
On the day itself you will be walking with a wonderful group of people. If you sign up on your own you don’t need to worry as you will be accompanied by smiling, chatting, lovely walkers who will keep you motivated as you complete your challenge.

A fashion statement 
With your Walk for Hope T-shirt you deserve a catwalk of your own! Wear your T-shirt on the 7th June and stride out with your new friends. It’s yours to keep so afterwards wear it with pride and everyone will know you’re a Walk for Hope CHAMPION!

Get in touch with nature
On the walk you will be surrounded by the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the New Forest. Why stop there? Why not choose one of the beautiful country parks, a riverside path or a coastal route to complete as part of your training in advance of the day. We live in such a beautiful place, let’s get out and enjoy the views on offer.

On completion of the walk you will be awarded an awesome medal to wear with pride to celebrate your amazing accomplishment!

Celebrate, inspire and support
Taking place on National Cancer Survivors Day we know that this year’s Walk for Hope will be a day full of positivity that celebrates those who have survived cancer, inspires those recently diagnosed and supports local families affected by cancer. It’s a wonderful day that unites the community. We hope to see you there!


Have we convinced you? Sign up for this year's Walk for Hope today!