You can set up your own virtual collection for Wessex Cancer Trust

A quick and easy way for you to fundraise for Wessex Cancer Trust and something you can do from the comfort of your own home, plus it only takes a few minutes! You could set up a virtual collection as a way to celebrate your birthday or simply to support the trust during this challenging time. 

Unfortunately, as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the latest government advice, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel all bucket collections and postpone or cancel fundraising events and activities. This could last a few weeks or even months depending on the government advice going forward. Our need to raise money for families affected by cancer patients has not changed and we need to keep our supporters and volunteers safe. 


Start Collecting!


How your virtual collection will help

Wessex Cancer Trust helps and supports anyone affected by cancer regardless of age, gender or type of cancer.  Our dedicated team are committed to offering free support for as long as people need it, away from a hospital environment.

£10 could provide a welcome session with a trained befriender. 

£40 could provide a free counselling session to help someone deal with the emotional impact of cancer.

£100 could provide two group tai chi sessions to help improve well-being and pain management.

You can promote your virtual collection online via your social media channels. You should post about your virtual collection when you set it up, and then post regular updates about how much you’ve raised and what your target is. 


How to set up your virtual collection

  • Head over to and create a fundraising page. 

  • Select ‘Wessex Cancer Trust’ as your chosen charity and explain in the description that you are asking people to donate to your online collection.

  • Share your Virtual Collection to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let your friends and family know you're raising money for Wessex Cancer Trust so they can start donating.


Downloadable Just Giving Cover Photos


How to promote your virtual collection

  • Let people know why you’ve chosen to support Wessex Cancer Trust. Do you have a connection to the charity, maybe Wessex Cancer Trust helped you or someone close to you? 

  • Announce on social media when you’re getting close to your fundraising target, people will want to help you succeed.

  • Engage and respond via social media when your supporters' comment, like and/or donate. 

  • Create a virtual collection group and collect as a family, a group of friends or work colleagues. Collecting as a group helps to spread the word further, you can share your virtual collection with even more people and keep each other motivated.


Social media wording examples

I / My family and I / My work colleagues and I….

  • ...have set up a virtual collection for Wessex Cancer Trust who have had to cancel all their bucket collections and postpone/cancel all fundraising activities and events during the coronavirus pandemic. Please donate anything you can. Thank you. 

  • ...have set up a virtual collection for Wessex Cancer Trust in memory of …….. Wessex Cancer Trust has had to cancel all their bucket collections, and postpone/cancel fundraising events and activities that bring in £1000’s to help people living with cancer and their families, I want to help raise these lost funds by creating a virtual collection. 

  • ...have set up a virtual collection for Wessex Cancer Trust because they helped me / my family member / my friend when living with Cancer. Unfortunately, Wessex Cancer Trust has had to cancel its bucket collections and fundraising events and activities during the current coronavirus crisis. 


For more information or support please email the Fundraising Team at [email protected]