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Tiredness is a common problem during illness and treatment, as well as during times of stress or worry.
Preparing food and drink, cooking and shopping may become more of an effort, which can lead to you eating less.

Useful tips:

  • Have a range of ready prepared foods and snacks on hand, such as tinned, frozen or packet foods

  • Cook extra portions of meals in advance and store in the freezer for convenience

  • Think about easy to make snacks rather than big meals, for example something on toast or an omelette

  • Accept offers of help with cooking and shopping from friends and family

  • Many supermarkets offer Internet shopping and will deliver your groceries to your door. Check their websites or ask at the supermarket for information

  • There are companies that can deliver ready-made meals to your door. If you feel you need more help at home, speak to your GP or health care professional.

This information is for general advice only. If you have been advised to follow a special diet then continue with this. For further advice speak to your Doctor, Nurse or Dietitian.


Last updated 2012