Please read and take note of the following before signing up: 


  1. Participants are required to raise a minimum of £300 (excluding Gift Aid) for Wessex Cancer Trust.
  2. Online fundraising must be done throughJustGiving.Please follow the instructions on how to set up your page by clicking here: www.justgiving.com/start-fundraising 
  3. Paper sponsorship forms arealsoavailable on request. 
  4. All funds raised must go to Wessex Cancer Trust. Gift aid will be retained by Wessex Cancer Trust.

Postponement or Cancellation 

Wessex Cancer Trust and its representatives take responsibility for the event. It reserves the right to postpone or cancel if deemed necessary. Reasons for postponement or cancellation include government advice on sporting events and gatherings, wind and tidal conditions or sea temperature (see below).  

The organisers will instruct swimmers of any postponement or cancellation decision as soon as practicable. Communication of any update will be via our event webpage. 

If the event is postponed there will be a reserve date which is Sunday, August 21st. Please keep this date free.  

Swimmers may be withdrawn from the swim by the event organisers at any time should it be considered a health and safety matter. Safety vessels will be on hand for this eventuality. 

Training and safety events 

We will be running training and safety events. Swimmers are encouraged to participate so that you can receive instruction in safety and survival. Although attendance is not compulsory, those unable to attend will be required to show evidence of ability to complete the swim distance and sign a disclaimer stating that you are competent and prepared to participate in Swim for Hope. 

Safety Briefing 

All swimmers must participate in a pre-event safety briefing.  

Participation in the safety briefing is compulsory and non-attendance will result in disqualification from the swim. 

Details of training and safety events will be shared with successful entrants at a later date.  

Training and preparedness 

This is not an undertaking to be taken lightly. It is a sea swim of at least 1.3 miles in a stretch of water affected by complex tides and fluctuating water temperatures. It is also a busy area for leisure boats and commercial shipping.  

All possible measures have been taken to assure your safety and all eventualities have been considered in the planning of this event. However, swimmers must rely on their own training and preparedness in order to successfully complete the challenge. There is an expectation that you will: 

  1. Fully complete a medical questionnaire
  2. Inform Wessex Cancer Trust of any change in your health once your entry has been submitted and accepted
  3. Permit Wessex Cancer Trust to consult with your medical practitioner or specialist to for advice regarding your condition
  4. Be fully capable of and prepared to swim the Solent
  5. Train in the sea and practice in the that kit you will wear on the day.

The maximum wind strength permitted for this event is force 4 (circa 16mph). The tides in the Solent are complex and dangerous and event timings are chosen carefully.  Sea temperatures in the Solent average 18°C, some ten degrees cooler than most indoor swimming pools.  

There is no restriction on whether you choose to wear a swimming costume or a wetsuit. Just train in the sea in the kit you will wear in the event and get comfortable with it.  

Buoyancy in salt water is quite different to fresh water, so train in the sea if you possibly can. 

You will train at your own risk. However, it is best to train with others in the sea and to have an onshore observer too. Let somebody know what you are doing and check tidal and wind conditions before you set off. 

Event Details 

  1. Swim for Hope will take place on Sunday 26th June 2022. The start time is yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye open for information updates. 
  2. In the event of cancellation there will be a reserve date set for the swim.
  3. You should be aware that you may be in the sea for an hour or more. You should also note that you will be travelling to Hurst Point from the Island on an open rib. You must dress appropriately for the day and ensure that you have warm clothes to dress into when you finish the swim.Your possessions will be bagged and transferred to Colwell Bay for you. 
  4. You will be given a coloured swimming hat which you must wear for the event. 
  5. You can choose to swim in a traditional costume or wetsuit.
  6. The distance is at least 1.3 miles. The distance can be affected by wind and tide. The event will start at Hurst Point, Hampshire and finish at Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight.
  7. Swimmers will be paired up. You must stay together and keep with the kayaker who will be your route guide.
  8. The minimum age for participation in this event is 18 years on the date of the swim.
  9. All updates and communication will be published via e-mail and on our social media pages. Keep an eye out for event information – this is important as timings may alter slightly. 
  10.  Timings are particularly important and if you are late on the day the likelihood is that you will not be able to participate. No entries will be permitted on the day, but we will maintain a reserve list of swimmers who will be invited to join the swim if participants withdraw.