Each of our Centres hold many different support groups to help you through your journey with cancer.


Sing For Life
Our Sing For Life singing groups are therapeutic groups for cancer patients and their families/carers to come and sing each week with no pressure to perform, just to have fun, provide relaxation, support and meet like-minded people.


MENtalk is a men-only discussion group, where men can share their experiences. This group is open to all men who have been affected by or diagnosed with cancer.


Friendship Club
Many people go through cancer alone. Our Friendship Club provides a safe space for you to meet others that are going through a similar journey to yours. This is a perfect place for you to meet new friends that empathise with your cancer journey.


Book Club
Join in with our monthly book clubs and discuss everything you love and hate about the current read.


Craft Mornings
Crafting is a great way to relax and calm your thoughts. Many of our Support Centres hold Craft events alongside their Coffee Mornings. From painting to jewellery making there's something different for everyone.


Knit & Knatter
Do you love to knit? Why not join our Knit & Knatter group? Meet with like-minded people to have a chat and finish off that knitting ready for the winter months. Share knitting patterns and treatment advice all in the comfort of your local Centre.


Coffee Mornings
Many of our Centres hold regular coffee mornings. These are informal chats where everyone joins together over coffee and usually a slice of cake.


Stroller Groups
Do you enjoy walking? Getting out in the fresh air with a gentle stroll can do wonders for the body and mind. Join our Stroller Groups for a good chat and a walk around the beautiful views Hythe has to offer, right on the waterside.


Local groups
Many of our Centres are used by local cancer groups to hold their meetings.

For more information contact your nearest Support Centre.