Sound therapy is a healing technique to improve wellbeing. It is safe to do from the comfort of your own home and suitable for anyone, including those with a cancer diagnosis.

What we offer

Relax and improve your wellbeing with our sound therapy group sessions. Sonja, who facilitates these sessions is a qualified and insured Therapeutic Sound practitioner. She uses sound from a variety of sources including, gongs, recorded music and live guided meditation. The sessions are not the same every time, and Sonja uses her understanding of group members’ preferences to tailor the experience whilst ensuring everyone is comfortable and relaxed.

We’ve witnessed many clients being surprised at the benefits they’ve enjoyed having tried sound therapy sessions for the first time.

Where and when

How to book

Before accessing any of our cancer support services, you will have a one-off online Wellbeing Appointment with one of our Wellbeing Co-ordinators. This is to ensure your personalised package of support meets your individual needs. Click on the button below to book your one-to-one online Wellbeing Appointment and start your journey with Wessex Cancer Support.

If you are an existing online client, login to our booking website here.

It’s like Sonja waved a magic wand to let those stresses just float away and I think there’s a good chance I’ll sleep so much better and more deeply. I feel super chilled and at peace

Sound therapy client