Wessex Cancer Trust Support Lanyards

We have heard many of our clients saying that they are nervous about getting back into the community using public transport, visiting supermarkets, and picking up other necessary items or even to attend important GP or hospital appointments.

Due to this, we have designed a lanyard with our WCT colours to assist in the transition back into our everyday living in the community. Wearing our WCT lanyard discreetly suggests to people around you that you may need additional space, support, or time.


The benefits

People around you including staff at shops, running transport services or the general public will be able to recognise the lanyard and as a result, be more considerate of the additional space you may welcome during the Covid-19 pandemic.

They may also feel they can ask what they can do to help if it looks as though this may be required.

You or a loved one can use your WCT lanyard to tell us about the additional help you may need.

The WCT lanyard will help to raise awareness about living with a cancer diagnosis and the impact it can have on day to day life.


Who qualifies to wear the Wessex Cancer Trust lanyard

If you are awaiting test results, have received a cancer diagnosis, are living with a cancer diagnosis, are receiving treatment or are recovering from a cancer diagnosis and feel that you would benefit from wearing a WCT lanyard, please do. 

Leanne, who is being supported by Wessex Cancer Trust during her recovery from breast cancer, says:
“I love the idea of the lanyard. I think it’s a great way to raise awareness of what it’s like to live with cancer and the impact it can have on everyday life. Wessex Cancer Trust feels like a protective arm around me and their new lanyard will help to spread that understanding and compassion through our local communities.”