Sound therapy with Sonja

Why Sound Therapy? Sonja shares her story

I’m a fully qualified and insured Therapeutic Sound Practitioner who fell in love with sound when I was 10. I became captivated by the amazing sound of the majestic gong with its complexity of sound energy strength, movement, harmonics and frisson.

When listening to music, I found that I would focus in on single sounds or notes of songs or instrumental pieces. I would then record these sounds, deconstructing the original music and constructing my own tapes of ‘magical sounds’.

As years went by, I began to realise that something was calling me to work with sound for the greater good of health and wellbeing.

Illness and stress entered my life. I was diagnosed with cancer which came like a bolt out of the blue and for me – like many others, it brought about some significant changes. While I was having chemotherapy, I found myself reflecting on my life. I found that listening to my taped sounds or music would put me in a better space. I felt more relaxed, open and lighter.

These wonderful, amazing sounds resonated with me. They cut through the resistance of my illness and the harshness of my treatment and I realised that I wanted to use my experiences to help others going through the same thing.

For more information about how Sound Therapy works, and can help if you’re living with cancer, click here.

Signing up for Sound Therapy

All of our Sound Therapy sessions are free and can be done via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. In the first instance, please email or call 023 80672200 for more information.

Try Sound Therapy before you sign up

Sonja has put together some videos you can try, so you can see if it might be helpful.

Heart breathing

For the heart breathing session click here


For the meditation session click here

What do our clients say?

Natalie, who has been joining Sonja’s Sound Therapy sessions, says it’s helped her enormously:

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sonja’s sound therapy session tonight. It’s been one stressful day with trying to get blood tests, X-rays, this or that test booked and GP appointments and I was feeling rather blue and super stressed with it all. It’s like Sonja has a magic wand to let those stresses just float away and I think there’s a good chance I’ll sleep so much better and deeper too, because I’m feeling super chilled and at peace.”

It’s like Sonja waved a magic wand to let those stresses just float away and I think there’s a good chance I’ll sleep so much better and more deeply. I feel super chilled and at peace.