Counselling is known to help cancer patients and their families cope better with the many difficulties they face, both during and after their cancer diagnosis and treatment. It could help reduce the stress you face, improve your quality of life and enable you to see a way forward.

What we offer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis may cause feelings such as fear, anger or anxiety about the treatment and journey involved. Talking to one of our trained and registered counsellors can help you in many ways, including coping with your reactions to cancer, family and relationship issues, exploring personal issues and dealing with practical issues.

Our remote counselling sessions could provide an opportunity for you to talk through any worries, giving you the space along with your counsellor to find helpful and meaningful ways of managing the impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on your life.

Where and when

How to book

Before accessing any of our cancer support services, you will have a one-off online Wellbeing Appointment with one of our Wellbeing Co-ordinators. This is to ensure your personalised package of support meets your individual needs. Click on the button below to book your one-to-one online Wellbeing Appointment and start your journey with Wessex Cancer Support.

If you are an existing online client, login to our booking website here.

Before I found Wessex Cancer Support I met with 3 different Counsellors who couldn’t manage the hard conversations and thoughts that come with a Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment.
It was such an enormous relief to be able to explore these with (counsellor name) and then to come out the ‘Other Side’. I’m so very thankful for their skills and support

Counselling client