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During treatment, you may find there are long waits for appointments and treatment sessions. You may also spend a lot of time travelling to the treatment centre. These factors can impact on your food intake during the day.

Have a range of quick and easy snacks that are suitable to eat when you are away from home, or when you don’t feel like preparing a meal.

Useful tips:

  • Ready to use drinks are handy for travel and are useful in preparation is difficult. For example, ready-made milkshakes or smoothies and fruit juice

  • Try making up a Build Up or Complan at home and take it out with you in a flask. If you have been advised to take prescribable sip feeds remember to take one with you

  • Taking a small cool bag can be a good idea if you expect to be out for most of the day. Remember that food safety is very important during treatment, so keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold

  • Avoid ‘low fat’ and ‘diet’ food and drinks.

This information is for general advice only. If you have been advised to follow a special diet then continue with this. For further advice speak to your Doctor, Nurse or Dietitian.


Last updated 2012