Leave your bra at home for National No Bra Day on the 13th October and help raise awareness for the importance of breast cancer screening, recognising the symptoms of breast cancer and regular self-examinations in the fight against breast cancer.

With 1 in 8 women developing breast cancer in their lives, it is more important than ever to raise awareness of the early symptoms of breast cancer and promote the benefits of detecting it as promptly as possible.

Although the origins are unclear, the event has been running across the world since 2011 and has helped many women understand how to carry out breast self-examinations, be able to recognise the symptoms of breast cancer and encouraged them to take part in regular breast cancer screening.

Many women who have survived breast cancer are unable to leave the house without a bra as they need it to hold their prosthesis after surgery. By taking part in National No Bra Day you can help to remind women across the world that they should get screened for breast cancer on a regular basis, increasing the chances of it being detected in the early stages, where it can be treated more easily.

The whole of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so there is no better time to get involved and spread the importance of detecting breast cancer in its early stages. Annual mammograms save lives, so use this day to get a mammogram or as a reminder to get one soon.

Want to take part? Use the hashtag #nobraday to further increase awareness and encourage more women to go bra-less for the day. If you are unable to leave your bra at home or feel uncomfortable doing so, you can always wear the colour purple to observe this day instead.