Want to take part in #MoveItMay but not sure how? We've got lots of ideas and are happy to chat through on the phone or via email, just get in touch! [email protected]uk or 023 8067 2200.

As May is National Walking Month, why not put a spring in your step as you take on a walking challenge? You could get into teams and see who racks up the highest number of steps in one month or set yourself a team target to cover a certain distance.

Set yourself the challenge of doing an activity for a certain amount of time, the longer the time, the more impressive the challenge! You could organise a Zumbathon or bounce, swim or spin your way to earning donations!

How about organising a group work-out and asking everyone for a donation to take part. You could make it even more fun by encouraging fancy dress – how about dressing up as your favourite sportspeople?

Sports matches and tournaments are always popular - ask for donations from spectators. Rounders is a great game for the summer, there aren’t too many rules to learn and you can get plenty of fresh air while you play!

Organise a sports quiz and charge an entry fee for teams taking part to see who has the most sporting knowledge!

Ask colleagues for a donation in return for wearing their comfiest active-wear in the office.

If you like the idea of incorporating more activity into your social life, how about organising a party or disco, with lots of dancing of course.

If you work for a large company, office Olympics and Golf Days are often very popular choices, especially if you’re given the go-ahead to organise it on what would usually be a workday!

For the little ones – a sponsored scoot could be the perfect way to encourage younger supporters to get out and active, or perhaps they could skip, hula hoop or roller boot their way to a healthier lifestyle!