Through mindfulness you can learn the tools to pay attention to the present moment, helping you ground yourself and increase your self-awareness and self-compassion. These online workshops will include mindfulness practices to break automatic, reactive patterns and help you to respond mindfully to challenges, as well as day-to-day life.

What we offer

Here is an overview of the workshops on offer:
What is Mindfulness?
The Art of Paying Attention
From Fight & Flight to Rest & Digest
Watching as an Observer
Mindful Movement
Grounding Mountain Meditation
Do More of What Nourishes You
For Cultivating Compassion and Gratitude

Each workshop will include a pre-recorded summary of the practices explored in that session. If there are sessions that particularly appeal to you, you can discuss attending them in your wellbeing appointment.

Where and when

Please ask a member of the team at your wellbeing appointment or email them here if you would like to join a mindfulness session.

How to book

Before accessing any of our cancer support services, you will have a one-off online Wellbeing Appointment with one of our Wellbeing Co-ordinators. This is to ensure your personalised package of support meets your individual needs. Click on the button below to book your one-to-one online Wellbeing Appointment and start your journey with Wessex Cancer Support.

If you are an existing online client, login to our booking website here.