At Wessex Cancer Trust, we understand that cancer can have a physical, emotional and practical impact on your life and the lives of those around you. Even if you have stopped treatment you might still have side effects, and worry about cancer coming back. We also understand that someone close to you having cancer can be difficult but there are strategies and resources to help you through.


 Attending a support group can be helpful in many situations, including:

  • You have recently received a cancer diagnosis and you’re having treatment

  • You have finished cancer treatment but think you could gain some new skills to help you move on 

  • You are helping a loved one who has cancer

  • You have recently lost someone close to you who had cancer


Our MENtalk group

Our support group is a community of people with a similar diagnosis or situation coming together to share knowledge, encouragement, and experiences. Our male only support group could help you:

  • Get peer support. You will have people who understand what you are experiencing

  • Gain knowledge. The other participants may have suggestions about dealing with side effects, or suggestions for resources and providers

  • Learn coping skills and gain the tools necessary to deal with stress and to better adjust to your changing situation

  • Hear from guest speakers who have expertise and opportunities for better health and wellbeing

The meeting will be made up of three parts; table conversations, hearing from a guest speaker followed by an open conversation. 

When and where does each group meet?

When: The first Thursday of the month between 7.00pm and 8.30pm.
Where: Ambassador Suite, AFC Bournemouth Vitality Stadium, Kings Park, BH7 7EF
For more information please email [email protected] or call 01202 315 824.

**Due to COVID-19 meetings are currently taking place on line, please contact us for more details**