We know how it feels to be low and a bit lost. You want that feeling to be over, but aren’t sure how. Rather than hoping for a quick recovery and praying for that bad feeling to pass, sometimes you need the patience to do little things that make you feel a bit better. Over time, you will see an improvement.

Here’s a list of 20 simple things you can do at home to help yourself feel better right now. Stick it somewhere where you can see it often and choose a couple of things to do several times a day. It’s free, low-tech and you don’t need much equipment.   

  1. Find a way to really connect with nature.  If you have a garden or access to a safe outside space, simply sit and enjoy the fresh air and listen to the birds singing

  2. Sing a song (with gusto!)

  3. Practice penmanship – beautifully write out the alphabet

  4. Watch some comedy on TV. Laughing is so good for you

  5. Play with your pets

  6. Meditate for ten minutes

  7. Do a drawing, whether you’re a good artist or not

  8. Listen (really listen) to music you love

  9. Bake something

  10. Do a jigsaw

  11. Write down three things for which you feel grateful

  12. Close your eyes, sit up straight and take ten slow mindful breaths

  13. Read a book or poem

  14. Take a bath 

  15. Talk with your most supportive friend or family member

  16. Put on music and dance – even if you have to do it sitting down!

  17. Write a story or keep a journal 

  18. Write a letter to someone. Even if you can’t post it at the moment, keep it somewhere safe until you can

  19. Give yourself a hand or foot massage 

  20.  Tidy your space and make your bed every day. Whether you  tidy a sock drawer or clear out a cupboard, taking care of tasks can be really rewarding

Click here to download a copy to print and stick on your fridge