Did you know that lymphoma has more than 60 subtypes and that treatments and outcomes vary wildly?

On the 15th September it’s World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2017 and this year Wessex Cancer Trust are helping to raise awareness of the symptoms and encouraging patients, caregivers, the healthcare community and the general public to insist on subtype specific identification when talking about lymphoma.

Incidents of lymphoma are on the rise, and currently over 1 million people around the world are living with this form of blood cancer. 1,000 people are diagnosed with lymphoma every day, yet many patients are not told their subtype when they are diagnosed.

This year we are trying to combat this by encouraging people to insist on subtype specific identification so that patients can feel empowered to receive the best treatment and support services that are specific to them. We also aim to encourage subtype reporting for better understanding of each patients’ needs. Through this, we hope to bring about a global impact and initiate systemic change for naming and listing lymphomas.

Increasing awareness of lymphoma and its subtypes will enable people across the globe to better recognize its signs and symptoms, leading to earlier diagnosis and quicker treatment. Greater awareness could also encourage patients and their families to gain access to the most up-to-date information, support and treatment.

To get involved spread the awareness and importance of knowing your lymphoma subtype on social media by using the hashtag #knowyoursubtype #WLAD and tweeting @knowyournodes. You could also contact your local patient organisation to get involved with World Lymphoma Awareness Day activities in your local community.

Small things like subtype specific identification can make a big difference for people affected by lymphoma. Together, we can help to make a difference for lymphoma patients and their families around the world.