Everyone has their own personal story of illness and diagnosis, and mine is that I have a brain tumour for which I had a craniotomy in London. Unfortunately not all of the tumour could be removed, so it was advised that I underwent 7 weeks of Radiotherapy in Southampton.

My first introduction to Wessex Cancer Trust came through the Daisy Bus, a wonderful little vehicle which would arrive several times a day to pick patients up and take them to the hospital for their treatment. As my hospital was some distance from the hotel, this bus was an immense help to me.

This little white comfortable mini bus took people from all walks of life down to the harbour, picking patients from the Isle of Wight up before heading onwards to the hospital. People came and went during my time there, but the camaraderie remained on the bus every day. I met three drivers weekly, and they were the most helpful and friendly people who genuinely cared for their passengers.

Following my return to Jersey and eventually to work, I decided that I wanted to spread the word on the wonderful work that Wessex Cancer Trust do. My job with a busy retail business in the Channel Islands meant that I was able to purchase several collection boxes to be put out in our stores. It is only a small way of helping but every little helps.

I live daily with a brain tumour, and so I treat every day as it comes.

I now look back on my treatment as though it was another time and place, but I will never forget how helpful the Daisy Bus was to me, and continues to be for so many others.