International Children’s Book Day

International Children’s Book Day has been celebrated by schools and public libraries around the world since 1967.  Activities include literature competitions, bookathons, events with authors and book awards with the aim to inspire young individuals to find a love of reading. This year on the 2nd of April 2019, the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, Children from different countries, cultures, languages and all walks of life will come together to celebrate International Children’s Book Day.

This includes the children in Wessex; Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire and those in our local area who are supported by the services of Wessex Cancer Trust. We understand that cancer can affect your whole family, and this can be difficult, confusing and scary for children to understand. Alongside our support for adults, we offer free, confidential, professional counselling for children and young people affected by cancer.

Our counsellors follow The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice and welcome your whole family to provide an opportunity them to talk about how they feel and develop a way to cope with what is happening. This available to children/young individuals who have cancer, children/young individuals who have and have lost someone special with cancer.


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Children/young individuals who have cancer

Chemo, Craziness, and Comfort, My book about childhood cancer
Chemo, Craziness, and Comfort" provides clear explanations and practical advice for children ages 6-12. Warm and funny illustrations help the child (and parents) make sense of cancer and it's treatment.

Cosy Cares Children’s Journal
A keepsake for your child’s cancer journey. Journal encourages children to draw strength from themselves and from those around them.

The famous hat
This book helps children to see the experience of a child that they can easily relate to. Most importantly, the book shows children that this experience is only temporary; it is not a permanent part of their lives.


Children/young individuals who have someone special with cancer

Stickman Rules - Let's Do Well
The aim of Stickman Rules!- Let's DO Well is to provide children with a resource for all the tricky questions they may have concerning cancer.

Mom and the Polka-Dot Boo-Boo
This book helps families talk about breast cancer, gently preparing children for what lies ahead in the weeks and months following their mother’s diagnosis.

Cancer Hates Kisses
With its simple text and heartwarming illustrations, Cancer Hates Kisses is relatable to any type of cancer.


Children/young individuals who have lost someone special with cancer

Grandad’s Island
A beautiful reminder that our loved ones live on in our memories long after they’re gone

When Dinosaurs Die
Explores the feelings we may have regarding the death of a loved one and the ways to remember someone after he or she has died.

Frankie Finds a Rainbow
Rachel Rabbit offers tools to help Frankie and his readers recover from the shock of bereavement and return to a happier life.