I started volunteering in my third year of university as part of my marketing degree and I have to say, I enjoyed it so much I continued after the module ended. I came to Wessex Cancer Trust because I had a friend already volunteering who recommended the Wessex Cancer Trust. Being a volunteer at Wessex Cancer Trust is truly amazing! Lovely people and a lovely organisation. I usually volunteer here once a week, and I'm always looking forward to it. 


During my time here I have helped out with several admin tasks (which is what I like to do), I've done a lot of work with databases and I've helped out with writings of letters and application among many other activities.


As an International student, being a part of the Wessex Cancer Trust have really helped me feel like a part of a community and I've got to experience an office within the UK which also was a new and valuable experience for me. Helping out and being a part of a charity does make you feel good: good for you and good for the community! 


I can promise you, everything about this place is great! The people are amazing and really helpful as well as you, as a volunteer, are helping and supporting a charity that does so much for so many.


If you're interested in volunteering with us get in touch today:

[email protected]
023 8067 2200