The name Hythe means landing-place or haven.

The Hythe Ferry to Southampton was marked on the map by Christopher Saxton of 1575, and on a map by John Harrison in 1788.  At the beginning of the 20th century, Hythe was a "little fishing village" with an hourly steamboat service to Southampton, and with the clubhouse of Hythe Yacht Club at the end of the pier.

During World War II Hythe was used as a port for the "little ships" of the Royal Navy, the Motor Torpedo Boats and the RAF Air/Sea Rescue Boats. In 1960, The Hovercraft Development Company and Sir Christopher Cockerell, its founder, moved to Hythe. There was also a small air force base in Hythe known as RAF Hythe. Sir Christopher Cockerell, the inventor of the hovercraft, lived and died in Hythe. William, an English poet, critic and biographer of Keith Douglas, was born in Hythe in 1939.


Our store in Hythe is based in Fairview Parade just outside the main town with its own parking area directly outside for several cars and is easy to find. We sell everything from suitcases, clothing, household goods, jewellery and accessories – it is a large and busy store and well worth a visit.

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