On International Nurses Day, Friday 12th May 2017, we at Wessex Cancer Trust would like to thank all the nurses who make a difference to patients around the world every day. While Wessex Cancer Trust does not provide medical treatment, we work together closely with nurses to provide the greatest level of care for those living with cancer. Nurses are vital to our ultimate goal of helping patients to beat cancer, and they give so much time and energy daily to achieve that goal.

Nurses often work long hours, are highly skilled, and work in a fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment. Despite the great pressure of their role, they always manage to maintain a friendly demeanour and provide amazing clinical and emotional support to patients suffering from all types of illness. Almost everybody has been helped by a nurse to some capacity, but their labour is not often celebrated as much as it could be.

Has a nurse, midwife, health care support worker or student made a difference to your life?

Take the chance to say thank you to the nurses in your life. We would love to hear through social media about the care you or a loved one has received.