The 7th November is Hug a Bear Day, and at Wessex Cancer Trust we will be celebrating by giving our cuddly mascot Wolly the Lion a big hug (he may not be a bear but he’s the next best thing!).

The history of stuffed animals dates back to ancient Egyptian times, but the iconic Teddy Bear was born in around 1902, and was inspired by President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. Since then, the Teddy Bear has stood as the childhood toy that is given to almost every child.

Teddy bears are often the first gift that we ever received, and many of us keep them well into our adult lives as memoirs of our past. They can provide us with comfort and companionship, giving us something warm and soft to cuddle up to.

Celebrate this Hug a Bear Day by coming and giving our mascot Wolly a hug, or snuggling up to your favourite soft toy!