Wilson Wilson

There’s not much to say, I’m no hero, I’m no saint but I do get great satisfaction out of helping charities. Cancer is one of those subjects I shy away from talking about or being involved in a conversation with. Why? Quite simply cancer scares me....... I am afraid of it.

I have known many people in my 38yrs who’s lives have been ruined by cancer, I’ve known it take friends, colleagues, my own father has been through his own journey and many a surgery to beat it. There have been many success stories for which I’m grateful but there’s also those stories I’d rather not recollect.

I also want to do this for me....... I’m no fitness fanatic, I don’t and can’t run marathons in fact I’m more out of shape than I have ever been in my life. So this is no walk in the park so to speak, it will be a challenge and one I want to do to start a turn around of getting fitter and healthier for myself.

Wessex Cancer Trust believe that there should be help and support available to everyone living with cancer, when and where they need it.


Every year around 23,000 people are diagnosed with cancer within the Wessex region. A diagnosis can be a shock and have a huge impact on an entire family.  Wessex Cancer Trust is committed to offering free support for as long as people need it.


At all of our cancer centre clients are welcomed by our volunteer befrienders who are equipped to provide information, support and a listening ear. Our team of specialist counsellors are there to help deal with the emotional impact of cancer and our complementary therapies aim to improve wellbeing, help with pain management and increase self-confidence.


Wessex Cancer Trust also provide dedicated children's services, singing therapy groups, programmes to help people move on from cancer and a transport scheme which provides over 20,000 passenger journeys each year. 


Each year Wessex Cancer Trust are able to reach over 8,000 people in the local community.

Wilson Wilson