Tania Pegg

I have suffered from a rare blood cancer for 10 years now. It took 4 years to even get a diagnosis, but I was then stabilised on daily chemo and steroids. As a Mum with 4 growing children life was very tough as my energy levels were so low. My children were amazing, though, and learned quickly to be very supportive as young carers.
However, nearly 3 years ago, the decision was made to change my chemo This led to 2 years of almost complete inactivity - I spent most of my life in bed as I was so fatigued - along with my many other symptoms. I was generally only managing to get out of the house about once a week. I was unable to be a Mum - couldn't help my eldest daughter with her process of preparing for uni, etc. 2 years ago it felt like the whole family were falling apart - physically and mentally.
It was at this point that I came into contact with the Wessex Cancer Trust at Chandlers Ford. 2 of my daughters started to receive counselling there (My other daughter is currently receiving on-going support too). I have also benefitted greatly from the complimentary therapies, the craft sessions, a nutrition course, as well as the on-going friendship and support that is offered there.
After a lot of fighting on my part, I decided a year ago to come off my chemo in order to try and have some quality of life. I was hoping to see a modest improvement in my energy levels, but the reality has been astonishing - I have improved week on week, and am able to get up every day!! I am also able to be a Mum again, which is such a blessing.
As a statement of how far I have come, I want to do the Walk for Hope - for myself - but also to give something back to the Wessex Cancer Trust. I am doing the walk with my family, as I feel that we have all been through so much together.

Wessex Cancer Trust believe that there should be help and support available to everyone living with cancer, when and where they need it.

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A diagnosis can have a huge impact on the entire family. That’s why we’re committed to providing free support to anyone affected by cancer for as long as they need us. Our six cancer support centres are safe places for people to receive the emotional, practical and physical support they need.


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Tania Pegg