Megan Kennedy Hello supporters! We (Megan, Holly & Karis) are raising money for the Wessex Cancer Trust by getting involved in the Rainbow Run on Sunday 5th of August & we'd really appreciate if you guys could help us raise some money towards the Wessex Cancer Trust target of £100k, which will hopefully create a new Cancer Well-being Centre, here on the Isle of Wight!

As some of you may already know, cancer has affected our own families hard over the years & we'd like to give something back for those times we needed somewhere to go - somewhere that could offer support and information to those in need. With all the support and information it can provide, a new Well-being Centre on the Isle of Wight will help soo many families that are/will have to go through one of the hardest situations a family could possibly go through.

Lots of love -
Megan, Holly & Karis xxx Megan Kennedy