Madeleine Marsh

I am walking 10 miles through the New Forest National Park in memory of my Grandad and Step-Dad.
What a wonderful day! The forest is beautiful and I will be in lovely company.
But this walk actually means more to me than any other fundraising I have done.
I have my fingers crossed you will read why and, how raising some £’s for Cancer Support is so important to me.

January 2018 my family lost the most amazing, inspirational man. My Grandad. We were all obviously so devastated.
Then less than two months later my Step-Dad died. My step brothers had lost their mum such a short time ago and now their dad.

I have never seen or shed so many tears in such a short amount of time.

See Cancer doesn’t care who you are. The good you have done. All you have contributed to the world. What your family have already been through. If they can cope with anymore loss.
It causes pain and suffering. It breaks hearts.

Both these wonderful men brought so much joy to my life. I am so thankful to of had precious time with them and for the family and brothers they continue to live through.

I would be really very grateful for any donation you are able to give and I know Wessex Cancer Trust would be too.

Madeleine Marsh