Louise Upson

In Early 2016 my Mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer with Secondary Tumors in her Brain. After being given an at best time frame of 3 months, she defied all the odds and we were lucky enough to have her with us for just over 18 months before she died less than a month after her 59th Birthday in January of this year.

During those 18 months Wessex Cancer trust, based solely here in the south of England, really helped my Mum, and the rest of my family, throughout her fight and continued to support us after she died and even still to this day.

In order to try and thank Wessex for all of their continued support, I intent to hurl myself out of a very small airplane at 13,000 feet above Fox Glacier in New Zealand, (Sorry Mum!), on 28th December to try and raise as much as I can to give back to them. I have booked and paid for the jump myself so all funds raised will go to Wessex, no money will be deducted to fund my madness!

I'm hoping to be able to raise £500 which will be put towards helping to fund their 2019 'Walk for Hope' that will be taking place in June next year. In 2018 participants, (myself included), managed to raise over £35,000 by taking part in the 10 or 20 mile walk through the New Forest.

With it now being estimated that 1 in every 2 people will be diagnosed with Cancer of some form during their lifetime, its almost guaranteed that each of us will be unlucky enough to be touched by Cancer in some way during our time here.

Thank you.


Louise Upson