Hazel Hart

Cancer. We hear about it almost every day on the news, read about new groundbreaking treatments in the press, and see posts from friends on social media. I know people who currently have cancer, who have survived to tell the tale (I'm one of them!), and I have lost friends to it.

But the increasingly common mention of it does nothing to reduce the utter devastation you or a close friend or family member feels when told they have cancer.

My own experience of breast cancer is now nearly 16 years ago and the local hospital cannot be faulted for the treatment I received. I’m thrilled to still be here and to be living life to the full. But there is another side to getting through it, as a patient, a friend, a partner, a relative, and this is something our hospitals simply don’t have enough time or resources to provide, and that is the emotional side of things.

Wessex Cancer Centres offer befriending and counselling as well as complementary therapies, such as aromatherapy, yoga, reflexology and Reiki, for patients and their families, and even coffee mornings and book clubs. They are there to listen and support and it can be a real lifeline.

So I'm walking 20 miles with my friend, Jeanette. We are walking 20 miles as we felt the 10 mile option, for us, wouldn't have been enough of a challenge. We are fundraising to support people who are facing their own challenge after hearing what is quite possibly the worst news they have heard, and which they have to get through. Somehow.

We have paid our own entry fees so ALL your donations will go directly to the Wessex Cancer Trust so they can continue their work. Thank you for helping us help them.

Hazel Hart