Tania Pegg My family and I are embarking on the challenge of climbing Everest during the month of May in order to raise money for Wessex Cancer Trust. As with all charities at the moment, many of their fundraising events have been called off.
Wessex Cancer Trust has been – and continues to be – a great help to me and my family, and I want it to continue to be there for not only myself, but others going on this journey of living with cancer.
In order to ‘climb’ Everest, we as a family team of 8 are going to climb the equivalent height using our stairs. This will involve at least 14 ascents for each of us each day. This may not sound a lot, but – as I usually avoid going upstairs as much as possible, because it exhausts me; and with 3 daughters diagnosed with fibromyalgia, this is not going to be an easy challenge.
We would therefore appreciate any encouragement and sponsorship that you are able to give us in this venture. Many thanks
To follow our progress on Facebook - go to https://www.facebook.com/Everest-Stairclimb-107267947637761/?modal=admin_todo_tour Tania Pegg