Ashleen Conlon I was diagnosed with Stage 1A (Grade 3) invasive ductal breast cancer after finding a lump in my breast in February.

The last few months have been a whirlwind for both Dan and I and our families, not just because I've been diagnosed with this horrible disease at the age of 32, but also because we were delivered this news a few weeks before our wedding day!! We should have been looking forward to the biggest and happiest day of our lives but instead we were having to come to terms with this upsetting news and the consequences it will no doubt have on our future life together as Mr & Mrs. Nonetheless, we had the most amazing wedding day (even though I had had surgery 2 weeks beforehand) and we even managed a mini moon to Paris which was exactly what we needed. Nothing stood in the way of our special day!

We have a bumpy road ahead of us still. Fertility treatment, followed by 5 months of chemo, 3 weeks of radiotherapy and potentially hormone treatment for the next 10 years but whatever happens - I am strong and I have amazing friends and family around me so I know I will beat this :)

We are planning to walk 10 miles around the New Forest in aid of Wessex Cancer Trust's Walk for Hope in June. We want to help fundraise as much as we can for this great charity as they will not only be there to support me through my treatment and what's to come in the future, but they are helping so many other people too.

Here are just some of the ways you can help:

£25 could provide one yoga session to help improve well-being and pain management.
£50 could provide a free counselling session to help someone deal with the emotional impact of cancer.
£100 could provide a play therapy session for a child affected by a cancer diagnosis.
£250 could provide a full day of services in one of our support centres.

Every penny counts so whatever you can spare will help massively towards those affected by cancer.


Ash & Dan xxx

Wessex Cancer Trust believe that there should be help and support available to everyone living with cancer, when and where they need it.
Community is at the heart of Wessex Cancer Trust – we put services in local communities so people affected by cancer have somewhere to go at a time when they most need support.
A diagnosis can have a huge impact on the entire family. That’s why we’re committed to providing free support to anyone affected by cancer for as long as they need us. Our six cancer support centres are safe places for people to receive the emotional, practical and physical support they need.
From coffee mornings, to craft groups and wellness classes, people come together to meet people who understand what they are going through. We’re proud that our centres are a safe community for anyone affected by cancer. Ashleen Conlon