Kate's London Marathon 2020

Kate Young (aka Couch)

I want to help the WCT team keep up the good work!


Donna Young

Supporting Wessex Cancer

Fundraising for Wessex Cancer

Becky Welch

Cancer has taken so many people we love and We would love to help other families facing this awful illness

Mind Over Splatter

Chelsea Tabor

To say thank you for all the support Wessex Cancer Trust gave my mum

Pegglets do 'Everest Stair Climb'

Tania Pegg

To raise funds for Wessex Cancer so that they can continue to provide much needed support to those going through the cancer journey

Spin 121

Emma Hebbes

This charity is close to my heart and you actually see the impact it has on people's lives unlike a lot of larger charities. We can't lose it.

Alys’ Big Haircut for Wessex Cancer Support

Jo Wilkinson

I am fourteen and have just donated my hair to the The Little Princess Trust and am also trying to raise some money for Wessex Cancer Trust, because they have supported my family.

Lands End to John O' Groats Cycle

David Cowley & Daniel Lashley

When I was diagnosed with Lymphoma I received information packs from the Wessex Cancer trust, I have seen the work they do and would like to give something back to a great cause.