William Guy - Walk Of Hope

William Guy

William, Lorraine & Sarah are taking part in a 20 mile walk to help raise money and awareness for Wessex Cancer Trust

Steve's 20 Mile Walk for Hope

Stephen Conway

Cancer survive !!!

Debbie & Helen Walk For Hope

Debbie Street

Nearly everyone we know has been touched by friends and family in some way who have battled this dreadful disease. Trying to help local people in some way feels like the least we can do.....your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Walk for Hope 2017

Sarah Paul

Wessex Cancer Trust believes that there should be help and support available to everyone living with cancer, when and where they need it.

Every year around 23,000 people are diagnosed with cancer within the Wessex region. A diagnosis can be a shock and have a huge impact on an entire family. Wessex Cancer Trust helps and supports anyone affected by cancer regardless of age, gender or type of cancer. Our dedicated team are committed to offering free support for as long as people need it

Michelle Greenhalgh's Walk of Hope

Michelle Greenhalgh

So as years go by I watch loved ones suffer and loose more and more people to cancer. I watch brave, loving, scared, strong, kind, happy and the most amazing people get taken from our lives.

Caroline Beardsmore Run Forest Run - No I meant Walk!

Caroline Beardsmore

I will be doing the 10 mile Walk for Hope on 4th June around the beautiful New Forest ( No pub stops!!)

Lesley's Walk For Hope

Lesley Monaghan

I am fundraising to raise awareness and money for Wessex Cancer to help continue their services to support those living with cancer.