Friends are of enormous importance to all of us here at Wessex Cancer Trust. We want to celebrate this special day with you, so that you too can give special appreciation to those closest to you today.

World Friendship Day has been celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August ever since a Proclamation was made by the US Congress in 1935. World Friendship Day has since grown, with many other countries alongside the US celebrating this day with their loved ones. Traditionally, people met with their friends to exchange small gifts and cards to show their friends how much they cherish them. We’d love it if you posted to our social media to show us what you have been up to this Friendship Day!

We would like to take this opportunity to say how much we value every single one of our volunteers and service providers. They give a warm welcome to those who need our support, are always respectful of the individual and their circumstances, as well as being personal and personable. We are so proud of how they empower those who need our help, as well as making them feel safe, comfortable and listened to, just as a good friend should do.

If you are affected by cancer and feeling low, there are many local groups who you can turn to in this difficult time, where you will find like-minded people who know what you are going through. If you are interested in learning more about this, you may like to take a look at the writing of one of our guest bloggers, Emily, who has met lots of amazing people, who she now calls friends, through her local Cosham Centre.

‘I’ve been there every week since then, and made some amazing friends. Everyone who goes there has either had/got cancer or is a carer/relative of someone who has. They understand. We can talk and cry together, and nothing is too awkward or embarrassing to share.’ – Emily Warden, speaking of one of our Support Centres which she visited soon after she was diagnosed.

Finally, a massive thank you to all of the volunteers at our shops, who are always happy and smiley, all of those who have taken up challenges with their adventurous friends, and all of our partners who continue to help give those in need the care they need. Thank you.