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      Thank you for joining Wessex Cancer Trust’s online community, a safe space for anyone who has been impacted by cancer, who is seeking support and advice or somewhere simply to be themselves. We recognise that everyone’s experience is different and that cancer can affect every area of life, for the person living with cancer and their loved ones. Please be aware of our online community values but most of all be yourself, and be kind to others online.

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      Not sure if the online community is being used but help to anyone out there who is going through a difficult time. I wondered who had been to the MENtalk and whether as someone supporting another with cancer had felt OK going…I tend to take risks in bring vulnerable as I feel the benefits out weigh the risks when you enter a supportive environment. I’m going to try to go to the Bournemouth group in January 2022 when I find out if online or face to face so if anyone is struggling to go and need someone to go with I’ll gladly support you. My wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I know I have this I want to verbalise but can’t to my wife as I feel I need to protect her feelings.

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        Hello there, thanks very much for your comment and it seems you are dealing (admirably) with a difficult and sensitive situation – so well done you for being bold enough to reach out to us. The Bournemouth MENTalk group is exactly the right environment – it is highly supportive, very well facilitated and having been myself to talk about what happens here at WCT I can confirm it is a very open, honest forum where no-one will judge, but everyone will support. If you call us at WCT HQ on 02380 672200 I or one of the team here can talk you through how to access the group. An on-line MENTalk facility is also available as well as the physical meeting. Thanks again for getting in touch, Iain

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