We are looking for energetic and motivated people who can’t get enough of Gung-Ho!

Do you want to volunteer your time on 17th June at the Gung-Ho! event in Southampton this summer?

Whether you are helping people clamber up obstacles, stay hydrated or get across that finish line and into the finish festival you are sure to have the time of your life.


There are many stations where our volunteers can help on Event day. We appreciate the help each one of you can bring. You help make event day the best it can be and there are a variety of different roles you could be asked to perform. For example:


1. Check in runners using an iPad
2. Give number and wave time wristbands

“Check Bag” tent

1. Organise the “bag check” tent
2. Store bag, give ticket and collect cash

Start volunteers

1. Manage the start pen
2. Check wave time wristbands on entry

Obstacle assistants

1. Encourage participants
2. Help when needed
3. Watch for safety issues
4. Manage the flow


1. Set up and manage merchandise
2. Make sales and handle funds

Half way water stop

1. Serve and ready water for runners

"I did it!" Swag

1. Set up Swag Tent supplies
2. Distribute headbands and T-shirts to runners

Litter pickers

1. Keep the area clean and tidy

Set up and pack up

1. Various tasks to set up an event arena and obstacles
2. Various tasks to take down an event arena and obstacles


If you're interested in volunteering with us at Gung-Ho! please contact Charlotte von Sicard
Email: charlotte.vonsicard@wessexcancer.org.uk
Tel: 023 8067 2200