The International Day of Charity was first declared in 2012 by the United Nations in an effort to provide a platform for all charitable activities from individuals, organisations and governments, whether their impact is local, national or international.

At Wessex Cancer Trust, we believe in the importance of charity to offer support to all that need it, however, and wherever required. More directly, we are passionate about providing help and care to everyone affected by cancer, whether that means offering a friendly face to chat to, one-on-one counselling, or therapies ranging from massages to Reiki. 23,000 people per year are diagnosed with cancer in the Wessex area, and it is our hope that we can make a real positive impact on the region by extending this support to every one of them.

We couldn’t manage this without your help. No matter how much time you have to spare, or what you can afford financially, we appreciate each and every way you can get involved, from raising money yourself to volunteering at one of our fantastic events.

Just last month, our wonderful volunteers helped raise an incredible £25,000 at the terrific Rainbow Run on the Isle of Wight, and we’re just as grateful to everyone who runs a bake sale, took part in the MyTri challenge, or who are currently taking on the Zero to Hero challenge.

You could even volunteer in one of our charity shops, make a simple donation online, or just shout about us on social media – however you choose to celebrate the International Day of Charity, we’re so happy to have your support and look forward to doing all we can to provide help and care to local people affected by cancer.