Gentle stretches, movement and dance help improve mobility and balance, aid recovery and improve wellbeing for anyone affected by cancer.

What we offer

Our Dance and movement sessions combine music, gentle movements and dance. They are led by Natasha, who has been teaching community dance for almost 14 years. Her sessions involve very slow, gentle moves and stretches to strengthen muscles and improve mobility and balance. A chair is used for stability, so you don’t need to worry if you’re struggling with some movement.
Some gentle dance-based movements are used during the sessions, such as elements of a Viennese waltz on the spot, an American Smooth dance, a Salsa or a flamenco inspired movement – all easy to follow on screen and everything is based on slow movements. The addition of music can be uplifting and promote positive energy.

Dance and movement is time for yourself and feedback tells us that participants have found the
sessions calm and a meditative experience.

Where and when

How to book

Before accessing any of our cancer support services, you will have a one-off online Wellbeing Appointment with one of our Wellbeing Co-ordinators. This is to ensure your personalised package of support meets your individual needs. Click on the button below to book your one-to-one online Wellbeing Appointment and start your journey with Wessex Cancer Support.

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