Wessex Cancer Trust would like to encourage clients with cancer to download the COVID-19 Symptom study app and to participate in what is thought to be the largest study of its kind in the world.

The COVID Symptom Study app will be important in understanding symptom progression in cancer patients and allowing medical professionals to anticipate better what to expect and when, how, and which symptoms may present and progress.

The app developed by King's College London (KCL) and technology company Zoe, which tracks symptoms of the disease, has been downloaded nearly four million times in the UK.

Not to be confused with the government's contact-tracing app, the Covid-19 Symptom Study app allows users to report daily whether they feel healthy, and record any symptoms.

Working together with cancer research organisations like Cancer Research UK, the American Cancer Society and Stand Up To Cancer, the app is gathering information that is relevant to cancer patients and will help to improve their care.

All data is shared daily with researchers at King’s College London & the NHS.


You can download the app by clicking here


Cancer patients are among those at high risk of having a severe response to COVID-19 infection. Cancer and the associated treatments can weaken a cancer patient’s immune system making them more susceptible to the virus. 

COVID-19 and cancer in brief:

  • People with cancer may be more at risk from the severe symptoms of COVID-19

  • But we don’t have much information about how exactly COVID-19 affects people with cancer and what symptoms they have.

  • As a result, it can be challenging to make decisions about how cancer treatment should progress during the pandemic

  • Gathering information about the symptoms of coronavirus in people with cancer may help us identify those at risk sooner, and help medical professionals make informed decisions about cancer care.

For this symptom-based approach to work as many people as possible are needed to download the app and spend less than a minute checking in and logging your health status every day. You can also add multiple user profiles to the app for other friends or family members who want to take part but aren’t able to use the app themselves.

Take 1-min to report your health daily, even if you are well.


You can access more information and download the app by clicking here