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This is not a ‘special diet’, just some practical tips on how to build yourself up. This advice should help you improve your energy levels and keep your strength up.

If you have lost weight, these tips may help you to put some back on.

Useful tips:

  • Keep to a regular eating pattern even if you do not feel hungry. Aim to eat ‘little and often’, by having regular small meals and snacks

  • If your appetite is better at certain times of the day, take advantage of this and eat a little more. Treat yourself to your favourite foods

  • Choose a variety of different foods

  • Having drinks at meal times may fill you up. Try having nourishing drinks between meals

  • Have a range of quick and easy snacks that are suitable to eat when you are away from home, or when you don’t feel like preparing a meal

  • Make food and drink as nourishing as possible, aiming for ‘more per mouthful’. This leaflet will give you ideas

  • Eating meals with friends or family may encourage you to eat more

  • Fresh air and gentle physical activity such as short walk can help to stimulate your appetite

  • Smoking may reduce your appetite. If you are off your food, cutting back on smoking may help


This information is for general advice only. If you have been advised to follow a special diet then continue with this. For further advice speak to your Doctor, Nurse or Dietitian.


Last updated 2012