TURBT – Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumour

What is a bladder tumour?

A bladder tumour may or may not be malignant (i.e cancerous). Most bladder tumours grow on the bladder lining and are therefore easy to treat using a special telescope and ‘key-hole’ surgery.

What happens next?

The next step is to arrange for you to come into hospital to have an operation to remove the bladder tumour. This is called a TURBT (Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumour).

How will this be arranged?

The surgical admissions office will be told that you need an operation and they will book you in for the next available date. They will send you a letter to tell you the date of your operation, and in some hospitals you may also be invited to come to the preassessment clinic.

What happens at the preassessment clinic?

At the pre-assessment clinic, you will be asked about your medical history and any medication that you are taking. It is important that you bring a list of your tablets to this appointment. You will have a sample of your blood taken and a tracing of your heart rhythm done (an ECG). You will also have your weight, height, blood pressure and pulse checked.

The operation will be explained to you again, and this is an ideal time for you to ask any questions that you may have. It is a good idea to write down your questions before you come to the hospital so that you remember them.

Day of the operation

You will be asked not to eat or drink anything prior to your operation. Instructions regarding this will be given to you. You should bath or shower in the morning and you will be given a hospital gown to wear that ties at the back.

Your nurse will measure your legs and give you a pair of surgical stockings to wear. These help the blood supply through your legs and help to prevent any blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) from occurring whilst you are in hospital.

The anaesthetist will decide if you require a pre-med as part of the preparation for your anaesthetic. If you require a pre-med, these tablets will be given about one hour before your operation and you will be allowed to take them with a sip of water.

Last updated 2013

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