Official 40th Birthday Celebrations Commence

Our milestone birthday celebrations commence with our very first virtual balloon race. A virtual balloon race is a 100% eco-friendly online simulation of a balloon flight. Live weather data and complex mathematical and physics algorithms simulate how your balloon will fly. Join our virtual race launch from the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th and track how far your balloon will travel in the 7-day race. We’re aiming to release at least 400 balloons so celebrations can start with a bang – although hopefully not literally in this case!

To buy your balloon today


Each balloon costs just £3, with no limit to how many you can purchase. Customise your balloon’s design to determine how far it gets, and there are prizes up for grabs for the first balloons across the finish line. You can choose the balloon’s colour and add text, as well as technical things like its helium content, rubber thickness and shape. Your choices will determine your balloon’s altitude and speed, and how likely it is to pop. Prizes for lucky winners include £500, an iPad and book vouchers!

Why not encourage your family to join you in a race or even gift the younger ones in your family group to a balloon as part of their ‘homeschooling’ (art, science, geography all in one!). You could always challenge your work colleagues to race or gift a balloon for someone you love to celebrate Valentine’s, all while raising money to help Wessex Cancer Trust support local people living with cancer.

There are lots of ways local people can get involved with Wessex Cancer Trust’s 40th birthday as we’ve got lots of activities planned during 2021, either by giving your time or fundraising for us, doing as little or as much as you feel able. For example, we’re looking for 40 people to take up challenges or hold a street party or 80s event later in the year.

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