We have a wonderful family who are very supportive. We are never short of help with the children and someone is always only a phone call away.

My Mum and I have become closer during the last 18 months. She has been my biggest support and my best friend. I’ve cried on her and confided in her on many an occasion. For the first few months after my diagnosis I regressed into being a child and needed to be by her side all the time. I literally saw her every day. She never complained that I was taking up all of her time; she just let me do what I needed to do. She went through her own cancer journey in 2012 and we understand each other.

When the Cosham Centre had their Christmas event I took Mum along so that she could meet my counsellor, Reiki therapist and the befrienders that had been such a support to us. I really wanted her to meet the people that had helped me so much through the worst time of our lives. I was pleased to be able to introduce her to them, and vice versa.

My Dad has been a rock too. He’s always there with a cuddle and a listening ear. He was amazing when I had my surgery, and took a week’s holiday from work to look after me. We spent that week drinking lots of coffee and watching numerous episodes of home improvement programmes! He took me for small walks once I was mobile again, and on my first trip out of the house bought me an ice-cream at the beach.

The rest of my extended family has all been very supportive. My sister visited lots and was always on the phone with me, as were my cousins, aunties and grandmother.

Throughout the whole journey we have never said the ‘C’ word in front of our children, and our family have respected that decision and supported it. The children have been sensitive and caring while their Mummy has had a ‘poorly tummy’. My daughter even helped me shower and dress after my operation.

I am very blessed in having such a close and loving family, and my cancer journey has been so much easier because of this. I wish there was something I could say or do to thank them and let them know how much I’ve appreciated everything that they have done for us, but nothing would ever be enough.

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